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So, I Think I Need Hearing Aids…Now What?

Step 1: Hearing Aid Consultation: If you have a hearing loss and it is determined that you could benefit from hearing aids, an audiologist can help you through the process of choosing what is most appropriate for you. There are hundreds of hearing aids available, so the audiologist narrows down the choices to those hearing aids that are most likely to meet your needs. Although the audiologist is there to provide guidance, you are the one who will ultimately make the decision about what type of hearing aid is right for you.If you are not satisfied with your choice, don’t worry, you have at least 90-days in which you can exchange or return the hearing aids. If returned, we will refund your money, minus a $100 service fee per hearing aid.

Step 2: Hearing Aid Ordering and Delivery: After you have decided about the style and technology that best suits your hearing needs, hearing aids can be ordered. Depending on the hearing aid model, a cast of the inside of your ear, which is called an “ear impression”, may need to be taken. These custom-fit hearing aids will arrive in about one week. Other types of hearing aids can be fit the very same day!Once you have your hearing aids, we ensure that the hearing aids feel and sound comfortable. We demonstrate how the hearing aids work and provide instructions on how to care for them.

Step 3: Follow-up: Hearing aids are not like glasses—we don’t “pop” them into your ears and off you go. You may need to return several times to have your hearing aids fine-tuned. Once you leave the office, we ask that you write down your hearing aid experiences so that, we can more specifically address your unique listening needs during your follow-up appointments.

Step 4: Maintenance: Following the 90-day trial period, our relationship with you and your hearing aids doesn’t end. We recommend that you return for periodic hearing aid checks to keep your hearing aids functioning to peak performance.Any hearing aid purchased from us also comes with a manufacturer’s 2- 3 year repair and 2- 3 year loss and damage warranty. You will be provided with information on an optional warranty program before the manufacturer’s warranty expires. This would give you the opportunity renew the repair and/or loss and damage warranty. Even if your hearing aids are out of warranty, all in-house repairs and hearing aid maintenance checks are free of charge for the lifetime of your hearing aids.

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