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6 tips for enjoying Christmas with a hearing loss

When you have a hearing loss, social gatherings at Christmas can challenging. Follow these tips to hear as well as possible and enjoy the spirit and sounds of the holiday!

Improve the environment: Take the time to make adjustments to your surroundings. This means finding a well-lit, quiet place to talk, ensuring that you can see the face of the person you are talking to.

Turn down background noise: If possible, turn the television off and the music down. Ask the children to play in another room if they are being loud.

Confide in family & friends: Confide in family and friends about your hearing concerns. If they aware of the challenges, they will be more conscientious of possible issues that could interfere with your communication.

Wear your hearing aids: Many hearing aids have settings to help in noise. Schedule an appointment with your audiologist ahead of time to ensure your settings are appropriate and you understand when and how to use them.

Stay positive: No one hears everything all of the time and it is normal to not hear fast talking teenagers or the person washing the dishes with their back to you while pans are clattering in the sink. Try not to get frustrated and enjoy the happy faces and the loving mood that Christmas brings!

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